Friday, December 10, 2004


Excellent article every reader of this site...The anti-war/anti-Bush movement unknowingly/knowingly in conjunction with the Islamic fascists are using their influence to try and bring down this country and install a perverted "UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA" Federal government.

Work for soverienty! Resist their lies! Don't let yourself become a "useful idiot" for thier perverted agenda. Open your eyes to their REAL plans....

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By Henry Lamb
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The pre-invasion anti-war movement morphed into a post-invasion anti-Bush movement. The failure of both efforts has deepened the resolve and refocused the efforts of blue-state liberals, socialists and the ever-present rent-a-mob crowd. ANSWER, Act Now to Stop War & End Racism, is revving up its street-theater engines to protest the president's inauguration and to create a worldwide protest March 19, the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.


Like Kerry's anti-war campaign, the propaganda is based on lies and half-truths, designed to inflame a strong emotional response. The purpose of the war is distorted, obscured and misrepresented. For example, ANSWER justifies its anti-war position by claiming that the U.S. deliberately targets civilians.


But they completely ignore the fact that coalition troops have uncovered mass graves that contain the bodies of nearly a half-million Iraqis executed by Saddam Hussein and the discovery of slaughterhouses in Fallujah where innocent victims were routinely beheaded.

These people are not simply "anti-war," they are anti-American.


They call President Bush a " war criminal" while praising the terrorists in Iraq as "resistance fighters" and calling on all Americans to display the Palestinian flag in three days of mourning – "Let every flag and kuffiyya fly high in honor of all those who have passed – from Fallujah to Rafah and from Baghdad to Jerusalem."


Make no mistake: These people are driven by a socialist philosophy, using their anti-war protests as an excuse to demonize America and draw attention to their own agenda.

No doubt these people will continue to demonstrate, protest and stage stunts to get media attention. No doubt their campaigns will influence some people. In America, they have every right to do and say whatever they wish.

Until these people achieve their ultimate goal, however, those people who prefer capitalism to communism are free to expose the protesters' socialist agenda and to explode their propaganda with facts. Should the socialist agenda ever prevail, however, freedom to dissent will be among the first to be lost. Then goes private property, gun ownership and representative government.