Monday, December 13, 2004

Hillary goes conservative on immigration

I originally posted this message on another news group on Dec. 2nd. Now the mainstream media is confirming that Hillary is indeed taking my advice:

So what do you think? Looks like the President is tacking to the left on almost every issue since the election.... Is the reasoning for this to "heal the wounds" caused by the tough campaign... I don't know, but if the Republicans/Bush keep on this track, the Democrats have an EXCELLENT chance to win in 2006/2008. To win the voters they DIDN'T get this time around, they should position themselves as follows:

A] Come out STRONG on the border issue (much like they did on the outsourcing issue in this election). Talk about improved security and how borders are an integral part of that.

B] Come out strongly AGAINST "Gay Marriage" - but for CIVIL UNIONS. Some gay activists will be upset, but they will appeal better to the Bible Belt moderates.

C] Push hard for a balanced budget and to reign in spending. Become fiscal conservatives.

If the Democrats tack a bit back to RIGHT on the above, I think they'll win 2008 by appealing to those middle of roaders who voted with BUSH this time around.

This does not bode well for the REPUBLICANS in 2006/2008 at all. If the Dems can successfully "circle the wagons" around the Republicans on issues of: Fiscal Conservativism, Strong immigration policy, and Civil Unions, they will win in 06/08 - no doubt about it. Bush better take a "Swift Boat" back to the RIGHT to counter this or the Repubs risk losing, not only the presidency in 2008, but the Congress as well. The door was opened, and Hillary is walking right through it....

Hillary goes conservative on immigration - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - December 13, 2004