Friday, December 24, 2004

Kofi's Krimes: Hidden Secrets of The U.N.

For many of us out here in the U.S., we have known for a VERY LONG time that the U.N. is as anti-American as can be. In this article, Cliff Kincaid details some of KOFI ANNAN's history of anti-American activities. If this doesn't make you mad, I don't know what will...

>> Supports the global warming treaty, which would raise U.S. energy prices while benefiting Communist China and the Third World.

>> Supports an International Criminal Court with the power to arrest and imprison Americans.

>> Supports the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, even though it was signed with a country that no longer exists and was violated by the old Soviet Union and Russia.

>> Opposes a national missile defense system for the U.S.

>> Collaborated with Hillary Clinton to promote abortion as an “international right.”

>> Smeared the U.S. as a greedy nation in a Notre Dame speech claiming Americans don’t spend enough on foreign aid.

>> Supports all “necessary revenues” for the U.N. (i.e. global taxes).

>> Berated the U.S. for not paying U.S. “dues” to the U.N. when America had contributed billions of dollars to peacekeeping operations that had not been reimbursed or credited to the U.S.

>>Promotes “global debt relief,” a cover for transfers of more U.S. wealth to deadbeat Socialist Third World dictatorships.

>> Covered up the fact that U.N. soldiers were spreading AIDS around the world.


Cliff Kincaid -- Hidden Secrets of The U.N.