Saturday, December 11, 2004

More Liberal Lunacy: World Government to End All Wars

Watch out... Liberals are starting to call for "WORLD GOVERNMENT" to end what they see as "illegal wars". Are they nuts? Cede our sovereignty to a world government and then what? We would be as vulnerable as the people of Darfur today.. The UN is supposed to protect those people. Are they? Of course not. This is the worst idea and I can hardly believe that liberals are now calling for this as a solution to conflict. Who would be in charge? Who would make the rules? How would this type of institution have reacted to 9/11? Would they have told us that we couldn't respond because we were being "insensitive" to those who did us harm? Cut the crap... Get real. Remember who is really calling for a NEW WORLD ORDER.... The lefty socialist lunatics...

Daily Kos :: World Government to End All Wars