Monday, December 27, 2004

Now, Yanukovich refuses to accept defeat in Ukraine elections...

This is the problem when you have people who "riot" in the streets when they get an election result they don't like. When the other side then "loses" they do the same thing! Can you imagine if the liberal loonies in this country staged "protests" after John Kerry was defeated by George W. Bush? Do you know how that would have torn this country apart?

Something smells with this whole thing. Did you know that our old friend GEORGE SOROS backed YUSHCHENKO? I would bet that it was MR. SOROS who funded that "tent city" YUSHCHENKO's supporters "spontaneously" erected outside of the government buildings in UKRAINE after he lost the first time. What is going on here? Did George Soros just steal another election?

From Cliff Kincaids latest column, Soros In Ukraine: "The fact is that the candidate dubbed "pro-Western" wants to pull Ukraine's troops out of Iraq, while the alleged "pro-Russian" candidate wants to keep them there."

The Daily Telegraph | Yanukovich refuses to accept defeat