Monday, December 27, 2004

Schwarzenegger: What is he — a Manchurian candidate...? - Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas in a recent column has accused California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, of being "a Manchurian candidate planted by the Democratic Party"; a charge that Thomas made after Arnold recently told a German newspaper that the Republican Party should "move leftward in order to attract new voters."

I too am getting the same feeling about this muscle-bound actor turned politician. What does he know about governing or running a state... let alone telling the Republican party what to do...HEY ARNOLD: The Republicans won the 2004 Elections by a landslide! And they didn't have to move to the left to do it! In fact, as I see it, the country is waking up and moving BACK TO THE RIGHT! - After Hours w/ Cal Thomas - Column One - Jingle All the Way?