Monday, December 27, 2004

U.S. vs. CHINA: And Israel caught in the middle...

FROM DEBKA.COM: "When Israel proposed returning the Harpy UARs to China without upgrading, it was slapped down by both powers. Beijing insists on the upgrade, coupling its demand with threats against the operations of Israeli firms not only in mainland China but also the thriving concerns in Hong Kong. The United States, for its part, will not hear of the drones returning to China, overhauled or not. Now, Washington is watching to see how Israel picks its way out of the impasse, while at the same time preparing a bludgeon to bring down on its head. Israeli officials are frantically casting about for a way out of one of the most acute and damaging crises ever encountered by the Jewish state."

Israeli made HARPY attack drone

Drone Tug-o-War Brings Chinese Dep. PM to Jerusalem, Involves Rumsfeld