Saturday, December 18, 2004


The Atlantic Monthly magazine reported in its latest issue that the Pentagon held simulations of a U.S. military strike on Iranian bases and nuclear facilities. The magazine said the recent war games also included a ground invasion of Iran.

The simulation envisioned a three-phase war against Iran. The first phase was composed of air strikes against bases of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, believed to control Iran's nuclear and missile programs.

The second part of the simulation consisted of air strikes on suspected Iranian nonconventional weapons sites and support facilities. The magazine said the Pentagon and intelligence community identified 300 such sites, including 125 biological, chemical and nuclear complexes.

The third part was a ground invasion of Iran from five directions in an operation that would take about two weeks. U.S. troops would enter from Iraq, the northern Persian Gulf, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Georgia.

WorldNetDaily: U.S. test simulates attack on Iran's nuke sites