Friday, December 10, 2004

WHAT IF....?

What if terrorists are successful in detonating a
nuclear bomb in the middle of Manhatten killing
150,000 people in the blink of an eye? What if
Islamic extremists release SMALL POX at the Super Bowl
killing 10s of 1000s and infecting millions over the
course of a few weeks....

What should we do? I know that there has been a lot
of planning and training on how to deal with the
immediate aftermath of such a catastrophic event. I
think our first responders will perform their job with
grace and dignity.... But I'm not talking about what
we should do to "cope" with the aftermath of such an
event. I'm talking about what we should do as foreign
policy in response to such an event....

Has this been talked about? By very few. Please see
the attached article which finally broaches the
subject of this controversial issue. What should we
do as a nation to respond to such an ATTACK? We all
know what the US did in the aftermath of September
11th where 3000 innocent victims lost their lives in
the worst attack within our borders EVER. What should
we do in response to an event that kills 100,000 or 1
million people in a day. What should our response be

As of this moment it appears that we wouldn't do
anything... No one in the administration has mentioned
this subject. But we should talk about a response at
the VERY LEAST to give those who might do us harm
something to think about. Some consequence to ponder
before launching such an attack. Right now, we have
no plan and the terrorists feel there will be NOTHING
TO LOSE from such an event.

However, what if there was something to lose. What if
they knew that if a nuclear explosion ever took place
on our soil MECCA, MEDINA, and TEHRAN would be wiped
off the face of the Earth. Would they reconsider?
Would they reconsider if they knew that we would hit
back so hard the Islamic world would never recover?
Can you have the threat of mutally assured destruction

Let's answer these questions now, while we can still
ponder WHAT IF?.....

Instead of WHAT NOW?

Who is going to die?