Wednesday, January 12, 2005

How Could you Mr. Bush? Vows push on open borders...

"President Bush yesterday said he plans to spend political capital this year to force a debate in Congress on his immigration-reform proposal, and boldly predicted that he will prevail."

I truly hope that this is part of a BUSH "master plan" whereby he pretends to be for illegal immigration to save face with his corporate donors and the mexican lobby, while at the same time, making moves behind the scenes to ensure any such measure would be defeated by the Republican dominated House and Senate... I pray this is what he is thinking. If not, he is a hypocrite who is not working to make us safer... The border is the "chink" in our countries "armor". Please close it down and secure it, Mr. Bush. Please....

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Bush vows push on immigration - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - January 12, 2005

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