Tuesday, January 25, 2005

'PA running Nazi propaganda machine'

"A senior Israeli official said yesterday the Palestinian Authority, even under new President Mahmoud Abbas, is promoting genocide against Jews and has been running a propaganda campaign similar to that seen in Nazi Germany."

"Palestinian television has consistently promoted the message that "the Jews are an evil force, and [evil] is inherent to the Jews, and therefore they have to be killed."

"The report accuses the PA of constructing a "legal file," a virtual propaganda outline for incitement against Jews that uses as its template incitement from Nazi Germany. The file, the report said, consists of three phases: presenting Jews as subhuman and possessing evil qualities; convincing viewers the Jewish nation threatens the existence of Palestinians, Arabs, and the world in general; and concluding with the Palestinian version of the "final solution," the destruction of Israel and elimination of the Jews."

WorldNetDaily: 'PA running Nazi propaganda machine'