Thursday, January 27, 2005

Talking peace, preparing for war

The real "spoiler" in the whole prophetic equation is Russia. When the Soviet Union imploded and collapsed, the West became delirious with the idea of a permanent world peace. Once again, our liberal congressmen, under the battle cry of "peace dividend," stripped our armed forces of bases and weaponry replacement. This opened the door for Muslim and Russian adventurism later.

According to our teaching, Russia will arm and lead a coalition of Muslim nations, headed by Persia, into an all-out attack against Israel. This attack will escalate and draw all the nations of the world into global war. Zechariah makes it clear that it is the issue of Jerusalem that triggers the conflict.

We are at the threshold of the final events of prophecy that lead us to the Second Coming of Christ. Thank God His coming for the believer known as 'the Mystery' is even closer. Make sure that you have received His blood-bought gift of pardon. Even so, come soon LORD Jesus.
WorldNetDaily: Talking peace, preparing for war