Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Terrorists' Leftist PR Machine

Great article by JACOB LAKSIN about the unholy alliance that is developing between RADICAL ISLAM and their fiendish friends on the RADICAL LEFT. They really seem to be reading from the same playbook lately... My favorite quote from the article:

"Their superficial differences notwithstanding, the commentaries that stem from the margins of the Left are marked by one common purpose: Whether they are convicting American troops for crimes they have not committed, rehabilitating Islamist bitter-enders as blameless “civilians,” heaping reflexive scorn on American “empire,” plotting their escape from U.S. “totalitarianism,” or celebrating American “defeat,” leftists are working to ensure a victory for the forces of Islamic radicalism."

FrontPage magazine.com :: The Terrorists' Leftist PR Machine by Jacob Laksin