Monday, February 28, 2005

Bin Laden Urges Zarqawi to Attack U.S. Homeland

Bin Laden Urges Zarqawi to Attack U.S. Homeland

I can't figure this story out... does it mean that Al-Qaeda is prepping for a major attack inside the U.S. (as previous tapes from Zawahiri) indicate, or does it mean that Al-Qaeda as we knew them in Sept 2001, has been utterly incapacitated and they are now reliant on terror sub-contractors to do just about anything...
Recent communications between Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi indicated that bin Laden has "encouraged Zarqawi and his group to focus on attacks inside the United State, multiple U.S. officials told FOX News on Monday.

The sources would not get into detail about how the communication was made or how it was intercepted by the United States and they pointed out that there is nothing specific in the message — such as maps, specific cities, or buildings — just a message encouraging a "focus" on attacks inside U.S. borders.

Update #1 (3/1/05): In an interesting editorial on the subject, suggests:
Is Bin Laden really giving advice to al-Zarqawi over phone or other electronic media knowing very well that all those means are under American signal intelligence?

It is possible but not likely. The terrorist organization that can stage nine-eleven type of planned and coordinated devastation is not that naïve. Then why is Bin Laden taking to al-Zarqawi about attacking America knowing very well that Americans can be hearing him? The answer is simple – disinformation – divert the attention to a different direction while continue so other obscure plans.