Wednesday, February 09, 2005


BEWARE THE "REAL I.D. ACT OF 2005" - H.R. 418

H.R. 418 does nothing to solve the growing threat to national security posed by people who are already in the U.S. illegally. Instead, H.R. 418 states what we already know: that certain people here illegally are "deportable." But it does nothing to mandate deportation. H.R. 418 fails miserably on this most critical issue.

Instead, it will:

1. Establish a national ID card.

2. Establish a federally-coordinated database of personal information on American citizens with Canada and Mexico.

3. Use the new national ID to track American citizens when traveling outside the U.S. -- and within the U.S.

4. Re-define "terrorism" in broad new terms that could include members of firearms rights and pro-life groups or other such groups as determined by whoever is in power at the time.

5. Authorize the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to unilaterally expand the information included in driver's licenses, including ... biometric information (retina scans and DNA information) and even RFID tracking technology.

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