Friday, February 11, 2005

On North Korea: Don't Blame Bush

Yesterday, North Korea admitted what the world has long known: that it possesses nuclear weapons and announced it was withdrawing from the six-party talks (again). The Democratic Party, curiously following Kim Jong-il's lead, pinned the blame on President George W. Bush's foreign policy -- and called for reviving the failed Clinton-era policies that made yesterday's announcement inevitable.

It was not George W. Bush's foreign policy -- which has liberated one nation from the tyranny of a madman craving WMDs -- that allowed North Korea to build nuclear weapons. The DPRK may have already possessed more than one such missile by the time he got into office in 2001. It was Bill Clinton's nonfeasance that bought Pyongyang almost ten years to pursue nuclear weapons development.

The desire of American leftists to appease and bribe the North Koreans only demonstrates that they are not only unfit to lead the country, but also ineducable.

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