Saturday, February 19, 2005

Students conduct mock 'gay marriages'

Students conduct mock 'gay marriages'

Students at a California high school conducted mock same-sex "wedding" ceremonies at lunchtime on campus, prompting protests from angry parents.

The school's Gay-Straight Alliance promoted the event at Silverado High School in the high-desert town of Victorville Feb. 11 to mark National Freedom to Marry Day.

The district issued a statement, calling the ceremonies "a lawful exercise of the right of free speech guaranteed to public school students under state and federal law."

Some protesters objected to school rules barring religious demonstrations on campus.

"I'm Christian. I'm not allowed to bring my Bible, preaching to people," said sophomore Christina Wilson, 15.

Why can gays openly promote their "lifestyle" (their religion in my opinion), while Christians aren't even allowed to bring their Bible's to school! But this is what tolerance leads: "Some animals are more equal than others."