Friday, February 11, 2005

Whatever Happened to Sin?

You know, the whole debate over homosexuality really isn't that complicated.

Allow me to rattle off a few of the questions that are clouding the debate. Are homosexuals born that way? Does a man choose to be gay? How does gay marriage harm traditional marriage? Why can't one marry the person he loves? Can homosexual couples adopt?

These, and many more I am sure you could add, have spurned confusion and discord throughout the Christian world.

Let's strip away the peel from the onion, and ask the question that is guaranteed to make all of our eyes water. Answer this one, and the smoke begins to clear.

Is homosexuality a sin?

If God created us with behaviors that we cannot control then why are we wasting time and money with Alcoholics Anonymous, therapy for liars, and diversion programs for criminals? If sin is no longer defined by behavior, but instead excused because of inherited or environmental factors, why are we spinning our wheels on behavioral modification? There can be no doubt that a homosexual is defined by his behavior. It is the behavior that identifies who he is. Liar, alcoholic, thief, homosexual are all descriptions of behaviors, not a class of people.

Dave Daubenmire -- Whatever Happened to Sin?