Tuesday, March 08, 2005


UPDATE #1 (3/11/05): An organization opposing a new sex-education curriculum in a Maryland school district has posted online part of the videotape that will be shown to 10th-graders this spring: a young woman putting a condom on a cucumber while giving her pupils helpful tips.


Some excerpts from the video:
"Remember to use a condom for oral, anal and vaginal sex," the young actress says, noting that if the condom is accidentally put on inside out, it must be discarded for a new one.

"Don't unroll the whole thing and then try to put it on," she advises as she rolls a condom onto a vertical cucumber. "It won't be easy, and the condom is much more likely to tear."

Original Post:
Cal Thomas: The cucumber curriculum

The degeneracy of our public schools continues to spiral downward. Now, kids as young as 15 are being taught how to put condoms on cucumbers and that GAY COUPLES are morally equivilent to normal, heterosexual families. So much for math and reading. American schools are now active fighters in the new culture war rampaging throughout America. Which side are you on?
The school system announced last week that a new sex curriculum will be introduced this spring for three middle schools and three high schools. Students will be taught how to put a condom on a cucumber. They will also be taught that homosexual couples are the newest American "family."

But this isn't just about condoms, cucumbers and a new definition of family. In American schools, as in the rest of the country, one must be attuned to and indulge the desire of every citizen, as well as non-citizens.

That's why there's a "movement" in California to create gender-neutral toilets in public places so that transsexuals and even people with "androgynous identity who do not consider themselves completely male or female," in the words of a New York Times story, might feel comfortable.