Wednesday, March 02, 2005

DailyKos 5th Column Dooming Dems to Defeat?

Kos Party
In many ways, the Daily Kos is like a gigantic virtual ward committee. Like a ward committee, the Kos community is able to raise funds for candidates and causes it deems worthy. Also like a ward committee, the Kos community has energy; politicians know a favorable nod from Kos proprietor Markos Moulitsas or one of his co-bloggers can generate not just cash but volunteers, too. Problematically, though, the Daily Kos also has many of the negative characteristics of a Ward committee: The excessive passion, the intemperate remarks, and the strange world views of people who obsess about politics.

...perhaps Moulitsas is trying to usher a different kind of Democratic politician to the fore--the kind of politician who is unconstrained by the traditional urge to appear civil. Moulitsas has long been associated with Howard Dean and was instrumental in Dean's ascension to the DNC chairmanship. This ascension came only days after Dean proudly proclaimed that he "hated" Republicans.

If Moulitsas has his way, the Democratic party will allow its "inner ward committee" to be viewed by the world at large. Moulitsas is probably comfortable with this possibility--the Kos community shows the highest regard for the most passionately strident commentary and has little regard for common decorum. The Kossacks seem to believe that if they could just be heard by the entire country, the Democratic party's losing streak would come to an end.

And Custer probably thought that if he could just get the Indians to come out and fight him at Little Big Horn . . .

Sorry KOS... what you and your liberal brown "shorts" don't realize is that your message is not the message the rest of the country wants to hear. At best, your views are shared with 2-3% of the country at large. Outside of your little "community", no one believes in the stuff eminating from your site... If you think that by pushing those views into the mainstream will help DEMOCRATS, be my guest, but be prepared to lose... and lose big. Don't cry when it happens....