Tuesday, March 08, 2005


AMID a trans-Atlantic row over its determination to resume arms sales to China, the European Union has outlined plans to become a military superpower and close the defence technology gap on the US.

The EU would develop unmanned drones, new armoured vehicles and advanced communication systems, the British head of the newly created European Defence Agency said.

EDA chief executive Nick Witney said the 25-nation EU would establish a joint fighter-pilot training program and co-ordinate the testing of military equipment.

The initiatives represent the EU's first step in military research and development.

They are aimed at transforming the EU from being a political power, in charge of policies such as agriculture and trade, to a military one, capable of sending troops around the world to enforce a foreign policy agreed by its member states.

I don't buy this for a minute. The EU will always be dependent the US for military protection. They won't bring themselves to spend the money once they realize how much it takes to equip and maintain a world-class military force like ours...