Tuesday, March 29, 2005


The Dutch Health Ministry will soon issue its opinion on a proposal to expand the country's euthanasia policy to cover infants, the mentally handicapped and the demented, a spokesman said Tuesday.

The Groningen Protocol, as the guidelines have come to be known, say euthanasia is acceptable when the child's medical team and independent doctors agree the pain cannot be eased and there is no prospect for improvement, and when parents think it's best.

According to a study published in the Netherlands Journal of Medicine in January, 22 such cases had been reported to prosecutors since 1997. Prosecutors found that the guidelines were followed in all of them, so they recommended to superiors the cases not be pursued further though they were technically murder.

So this is where this slippery slope leads. Infants, "disabled", and "demented" would now be killed without their consent. The only thing needed is for some bum doctor to say they are in "pain" - whatever that means. Wow. This is really amazing and disturbing. Life is so cheap to these liberals that they feel like they should be the ones who decide who's life is worth saving and whose is not.