Monday, April 11, 2005


The following are just some of the latest news and info on the Al-Qaeda network and their ongoing plots to compromise and destroy Western Civilization as we know it...

Al-Qaeda Sought Nukes
Head of U.N. atomic watchdog warns of 'most horrible scenario'

Bio-Terrorists May Spread Plague
...there are intelligence reports that Islamic terrorists might deliberately infect themselves to spread the plague to the West...

Bin Laden’s Out to Destroy U.S. Economy...
"...Osama Bin Laden’s main goal is the destruction of the U.S. economy - and that, so far, he appears to be succeeding."

Brit Diplomat Warns On Qaeda Threats
"Indeed, this threat may have grown more difficult to tackle in the years since September 11, 2001 owing to the fragmentation of groups and individuals associated with al Qaeda..."

Al-Qaeda Threat to Railways
"It has being reported that members of Al Qaeda have been examining and testing U.S. security for weaknesses."

Terror Moles Infiltrating U.S. Agencies?

"Amid all the criticism of the US's faulty intelligence-gathering, a new concern is surfacing about America's premier national-security agencies - their vulnerability to counterespionage..."

Who is Al-Qaeda?
"In this sense, Dr. Sageman's research underscores to what a chilling degree al-Qaeda really is all about destroying the West, and especially the United States, and the freedom it stands for, since so many of the other hypothesized motivators (broken homes, dire economic straits, years spent in religious schools) have been proven to be far less than common than thought."

US Report Says Al-Qaeda Had Capacity for `Agent X' Bio-Weapon

"Al-Qaeda had developed an "extensive, well-organized" biological weapons program before the war in Afghanistan and had the capacity to produce a "virulent" germ codenamed "Agent X"...