Wednesday, April 13, 2005


You’ve probably heard a casual mention on one of the evening news programs recently of an “incident” involving a report of anthrax being found at the Pentagon and two other facilities in Washington, DC...


“Incident” is, of course an improper term should the facts ever show that the “false positives” and accusations of “cross contamination” prove to be government doublespeak superficial denials as we have come to know them. ”Biological attack” is a more appropriate phrase, although no one dares utter that on the record.


Based on my extensive research into the anthrax attacks of 2001, investigation of the current suspects and my belief that the original attacks were certainly not domestic in nature, I believe that the heart of the US military is under a continuing biological warfare attack in the Washington DC area. I also believe the suppression of truth and blatant disinformation regarding this biological warfare on US soil might have its roots in a legitimate U.S. military tactic, but at some point, that tactic must give-way to recognizing and dealing with the proverbial elephant. The legitimate aspect, in my professional opinion, is part of a larger process intended to deny the terrorist enemy of a credible battle damage assessment of his chosen pathogen and delivery system.

Are we under attack now? Is the Agent X that Al-Qaeda is said to have mastered in Afghanistan Anthrax? Is the government suppressing the truth about these and other incidents for our own good? Interesting questions to ask...