Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Google's Move to Control World's Information

It's time to stop calling Google an Internet search company--recent moves make it clear that its ambitions extend well beyond indexing and organizing billions of Web pages.

The information powerhouse is scanning libraries of books into a giant database and tagging reams of digitized video clips for easy recall. It can crawl your whole PC hard drive with a desktop search tool. It owns satellite photography warehouse Keyhole.

The world, not the Net, is its real quarry, although it will have to shoehorn much of the world into digital form before it can work its magic.

I am worried about this... Is it good to let these few "search" companies basically control access to the worlds information? What if the Google Geeks decide that some ideas are more equal than others and deliberately bury them in their search results? Remember, those who control information, control everything. Let's watch these companies carefully...