Tuesday, April 12, 2005


A homosexual advocacy group plans to hold a panel discussion on "gay icons in U.S. history" -- including President Abraham Lincoln -- as part of its national celebration at Philadelphia's Independence Hall later this spring.

Lazin said he has read The Intimate Life of Abraham Lincoln. "As a gay man and an amateur American historian, I find the evidence indisputable that the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was a gay man," he said.

"Anyone not blinded by homophobia will recognize that the president who preserved our republic was gay. It is time that U.S. historical figures be emancipated from the closet," Lazin added.

The history re-visionists are at it again... Now its Lincoln who was gay. Next will be George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr. Why stop there though.. In 50 years, they will claim all the Pope's have been gay as well. These hate-mongers are nothing but thugs in tight pants. But since they now have "minority" status, they are untouchable. You can't criticize them for fear of being called a homophobe or worse, gasp, a bigot! Luckily we still have forums where we can expose their sinister ideology...

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