Wednesday, April 13, 2005


UPDATE #2 (5:09pm, 4/19/05): Now the WHO is reporting that some samples of the virus are still unaccounted for:
Stohr said the shipper of the sample that went astray in Lebanon had turned it over to another shipper for local delivery, but it never arrived at the intended laboratory and authorities were now seeking to locate the kit.

The missing shipment to Mexico has been tracked down in a bonded warehouse, and "a team is now on its way" there to destroy it, he said.

Three South Korean laboratories said they never received kits sent last year, but the shipper has signatures indicating the packages were delivered and an attempt is being made to determine what happened to them, Stohr said.

Chile said a kit it sent back to the United States in March remains unaccounted for...

Interesting that the shipment that went to Lebanon is still missing... Is this part of a larger plan?

UPDATE #1 (9:10am, 4/15/05): OK... now I'm scared. The WHO is now saying that 2 shipments of this deadly flu virus are MISSING!
Health experts have destroyed two-thirds of the specimens of a killer influenza virus sent as part of routine test kits around the world, the UN health agency said Friday, but it still was trying to trace two shipments that were supposed to go to Mexico and Lebanon.

I have the distinct feeling we are being set up here. Either a massive infection or a mass hysteria is being thrust upon us. Watch out if they start talking about recommending flu shots to protect against this strain of virus...

The WHO announcement that a highly contagious, highly deadly form of flu has been shipped to over 5000 minimum security labs worldwide is a definite cause for alarm. There are so many questions that can be asked about this announcement and why it was made, but lets just start with the facts:
The World Health Organisation is urging thousands of laboratories around the world to destroy samples inadvertently sent to them of the Asian flu virus that killed up to 4million people in 1957-58. Scientists fear an accident could trigger a new global outbreak.

The virus, known as H2N2, was last detected in an open environment in 1968.

"Persons born after 1968 are expected to have no, or only limited, immunity to H2N2," which is not contained in current trivalent influenza vaccines, the WHO warned in a statement yesterday.

"If a laboratory accident were to occur, a person could become infected. If that happened, that person would likely fall ill and he or she could infect somebody else. And that could mark the beginning of a global outbreak," the WHO's top flu expert, Klaus Stohr, told The Washington Post.

"We are talking about a fully transmissible human influenza virus to which the majority of the population has no immunity. We are concerned."

So who is responsible? Who sent out this deadly virus?
An Ohio medical company that distributed thousands of samples of a killer flu virus that went to labs worldwide also develops vaccines and sells test kits for diagnosing gastrointestinal infections, strep throat and other illnesses.

Customers of Meridian Bioscience Inc. include hospitals, reference laboratories, research centers, veterinary testing centers, doctors' offices and diagnostics manufacturers in more than 60 countries.

Why did this happen? And why did the WHO so blatantly and obviously announce this mishap to the world? Isn't this something that should have been treated as a national or international security issue? Don't you think that each lab could easily have been contacted directly and discreetly without having to announce this to the entire world?

From commentary at RMN:
Leave it to the WHO (the same group associated with presenting Africa with their AIDS epidemic) to announce to Muslim extremists, eco-terrorists, PETA extremists, ALF extremists, and "lone nut cases" who are having a bad day; just HOW to get rid of the pesky humans!

All these groups or individuals have to do is find one of the labs that has the vials of a pandemic flu strain, infect a few people with it, and send them out into the world to infect humanity.

It seems to me that this kind of information should have been SAT on!! But now that the information is out and has been for several hours, what can one do? Hope that all the vials are destroyed before the terrorists get to them?

If you ever watched 12 Monkeys, you would know that some of the terrorists are WORKING in the very labs that they dispise, just waiting for the right opportunity. I think that th announcement made by WHO today has given some of these "lone nuts" the chance to carry out their secret plan...


This latest WHO fiasco is either one major goof-up on the part of WHO... and if it is, I hope that man who made the announcement to the MSM gets his arse kicked out of there!

And if it's NOT a screw-up, if this was planned... then we need to ask ourselves WHO planned this announcment? Did WHO do this on their own? Or was the inadvertant shipment of these vials, plus the announcement to the world of what these vial can do... part of an overall plan to infect as many people as possible?

Is this announcement just a cover-story for a mass infection that is already in the wild? Does this story provide plausible deniability to some person or group of persons involved with this release?

My advice... Assume that a lab in your area had the virus. Be extra vigilent over the next few days and watch for any "warning" signs of an outbreak...