Monday, April 25, 2005


Florida law officials are contemplating a sequel to the controversial Matrix database that may be even more comprehensive than the original.

The Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange, or Matrix, contained billions of commercial and government records, and was intended to help police track down terrorists and kidnappers. But the system was shut down on April 15 when federal funds ran out.


But Florida, which conceived and oversaw the Matrix, is not giving Steinhardt much time to savor the victory champagne, as it explores a possible sequel.

Florida law enforcement officials want Matrix II to include more types of data than the original, including financial and insurance records, according to an April 12 official call (.pdf) for information from vendors.

Great. More government red-tape while the real terrorists slip over the unprotected border. How can we justify spending millions on systems like this when we can't even stop illegals from entering this country?