Saturday, April 09, 2005


Oligarchy is a form of government where most political power effectively rests with a small segment of society (typically the most powerful, whether by wealth, military strength, ruthlessness, or political influence). The word oligarchy is from the Greek for "few" and "rule". Some political theorists have argued that all societies are inevitably oligarchies no matter the supposed political system.

It is becoming quite clear that America is at a cross-roads. This transition period will affect all Americans, and will set the stage for the eventual destruction of America and the traditional nation-state political system we have all become so accustomed to. I know, I know. How overly dramatic. But, this situation is so serious, I fear it may now be too late to stop it. We are well on our way to a worldwide Socialist New World Order, and America is being led there by the Clinton-Bush Oligarch Alliance.

I have often wondered over the past few months (here and here), why Bush 43 was cozying up so close to Billy Boy Clinton... I think the answer now is clear. The preparations are underway to prepare the American people for the coming changes in America's sovereignty. All the signals are there. Our beloved Constitution is set to become subservient to the U.N.'s overreaching International Law.

From Bush's lauding comments about the Clintons during the Ceremony for the Unveiling of the Clinton Portraits at the Whitehouse, to the Bush's attendance at the Clinton Library opening; from the appointing of Clinton and Bush 41 to head the Tsunami Relief program, to the most recent Clinton-Bush-Bush State visit to Rome for the Pope's funeral. The signals are there. They are saying to the world - "The alliance is in place. The chess pieces are positioned. We are ready to implement the plan."

And what is the plan... Nothing less than the destruction of our Republic. The dismantling of the Constitution. The folding of the U.S. into the AU, America Union (Canada, Mexico, U.S.A). The subservience to International Law. The loss of our God given rights. The round-up of guns. The continued destruction of true American Culture.

The most outrageous sign of America's Oligarchy is the recent trip to Rome for the Pope's funeral...

From this weeks Newsweek article detailing the Clinton/Bush trip to Rome:
Bush and the ex-presidents spent so much time together on the trip that one White House official jokingly referred to the trio as the “troika.”

Bush even invited his father and Clinton to sit in during his daily intelligence briefings, prompting what one administration official described as a “wide-ranging discussion” of foreign policy with Rice and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley.

I know it isn't unheard of to have ex-Presidents hear Intel briefings, but to come out so blatantly and throw it our faces is. This is a signal to the world that the petty politics of Red and Blue are just a show for public consumption. The real moves, behind the scenes, are quite different. The Oligarchs, both Democan and Republicrat, are in lock step on one important issue - taking America down the path to International Socialism.

Two Become One...
In fact, Bush seemed positively Clintonesque. Several times, he moved to leave the room, but then held back, to discuss the book he’s reading (”Peter the Great” by Robert K Massey), rivers that flow near his Texas ranch and what is expected, in the president’s words, to be a “spectacular” season for Texas wildflowers.

The transformation is occuring before our eyes? What will/can we do to stop it?

My prediction: Hillary will be annointed President. This is a foregone conclusion. Everything will be done to make sure this happens. Bill will become UN Secretary General. Hillary and Bill (with the Bush's at their side) will lead us into U.N. control, destroying the last vestiges of our Republic. Far fetched? I think not. All the dots are there... you just need to connect them.

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