Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Strange reports have reached us today from our Arctic Regions describing thousands of missile launches from both Russian and American military forces, and from both land based and aircraft launched these missiles that are being directed out of the earth’s atmosphere into the outer space regions of our planets atmosphere.

From various news services however there is being reported that Russia and the United States are conducting Missile Defense Wargames, and as we can read as reported by the Moscow Times News Service in their article titled "Russia, U.S. Launch Joint Missile Defence Wargames", and which says, "Russia and the United States have begun joint missile defence wargames aimed at protecting vital installations in a third country in the course of future international operations, a Russian Defence Ministry release said Monday. The wargames will last until April 23.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the 4th Central Research Institute of the Ministry in Moscow is hosting the joint theater-wide ballistic missile defence (BMD) command-post exercise (CPX)."

The strangeness to these missile launches is further compounded by the reporting of these events as being a part of defense wargame between Russia and the United States, and of which no one has had any prior knowledge of. Neither was there any announcement to the Russian peoples by the Defense Ministry prior to these launches, only afterwards when reports began to be received from these Arctic Regions has the Defense Ministry issued these reports of wargames.

I have no idea what is happening here. I did think it quite strange that this "joint exercise" was just announced yesterday - after it had already begun!