Monday, April 25, 2005


As expected, the trial and verdict of AKBAR has gone relatively unnoticed by the mainstream media. You would think that this would be a huge story. We basically have the equivilent of an Al-Qaeda sleeper agent who infiltrated our military, wore our uniform, and then rolled a LIVE GRENADE into one of our own command centers, killing some of our top officers. However, AKBAR, apparantly, hasn't done enough damage yet... As reported by Michelle Malkin:

Akbar took a sharp item from an office where he was meeting with lawyers and attacked the M-P who was assigned to escort him to the men's room.

This guy is a sick bastard who deserves to be thrown in the clink for a long time.. but the whole incident speaks of a larger issue...TERRORIST INFILTRATORS IN OUR MILITARY AND INTEL AGENCIES. How many Akbar's are there - just waiting for their chance to attack? Or worse, how many are currently gathering and reporting intel on our military and political movements? Check out Daniel Pipes who explores this in more detail...