Monday, May 16, 2005


There's a 50-50 chance al-Qaida already has nuclear weapons, says a top intelligence analyst based on an analysis of the findings and the methodology of the U.S. WMD Commission.


"Documents found at sites used by al-Qaida operatives indicated that the group was interested in nuclear device design," said the report. "In addition, al-Qaida had established contact with Pakistani scientists who discussed development of nuclear devices that would require hard-to-obtain materials like uranium to create a nuclear explosion.

I believe Al-Qaeda has these weapons and is simply waiting for a time and place to best use them. Why rush? They have all the time in the world they need. Once they use them, there is no going back, so better to wait and make sure maximum damage can be done, before exploding one of these nukes. Best advice: Assume the worst. Hope for the best.