Wednesday, May 18, 2005


May 14, 2005 will go down as another day that Americans had an opportunity to see the future of the nation and the vicious undercurrents of hate and separatism brewing in the ranks of illegal aliens in the South Western United States.

Unfortunately, biases in the media once again have asserted their filters keeping most of America in the dark. Those that have had the opportunity to see the local media coverage of the protest of the Baldwin Park monument will still find themselves lacking accurate and complete information.


About 50 Save Our State protestors found themselves outnumbered almost 10 to 1 by a violent mob of illegal aliens supported by local politicians and radical leftist groups. The angry mob of illegal aliens and activists were joined by anarchists, socialist, and separatist militants like the Brown Berets.


The most concrete evidence that Reconquista is real and that there is a rebellion brewing in the pro-illegal alien ranks in S. California was on proud display by those defending the monument in Baldwin Park. This angry mob carried messages that the MSM has chosen to exclude from their reports.

Although the SOS protestors were a diverse range of Americans of different races, genders, and age groups, they were confronted with signs that screamed "Racists!" and "SOS Nazis". The press was quick to point these signs out without pointing out the multi ethnic and demographic diversity of SOS.

The traditional media completely missed the real story! They decided not to tell you of the opposition signs that read "F' THE ALAMO", "YOU DON"T RULE US", "WHO'S THE ILLEGAL PILGRIMS?", and "MINUTEMEN BEWARE".

Balkinization within our borders... Illegals claiming California belongs to Mexico... Their battle cry: "It was better before they came" and "This land was Mexican once, was Indian always and is, And will be again."

But they just came here to work... right?