Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Yet another example of out-of-control liberalism, literally tearing down the walls of western civilization...[hat tip: lgf]
In Oriana Fallaci's book "The Force of Reason" there are expressions that are "unequivocally offensive to Islam and Muslims," said the Bergamo preliminary investigative judge, Armando Grasso, who accepting the Adel Smith's opposition to filing away the trial proposed by the prosecutor, ordered the prosecution to formulate the charge "according to article 406 of article 403 of the criminal code," for defamation of Islam. The well known author, therefore, will be put on trial.

So now we see, in Italy, an author being tried for merely writing words which are now deemed "offensive" to islam by some rat judge. In other words, the disease of liberalism has so infected the mind of this judge that he doesn't recognize the islamic animals infiltrating his country as the eneny, but instead, the woman with the courage to speak the truth. If Europe doesn't act NOW, they will wake up one morning to an imam's prayer call and some taliban-like thugs forcing them to pray to mecca. Liberalism is killing them. And its killing us here in the U.S. as well... I fear that we won't "wake up" until it is too late