Friday, May 20, 2005


This Galloway character is the worst type of human pond scum. He sucks up to dictators, he took money from Saddam, he's a lefty nimrod - but somehow, you have to admire him! I hate his politics, but he sure as sh*t took on our Congressmen and gave them a run for their money...
John Derbyshire
I must admit I have been smiling over the Galloway hearing.

Don't get me wrong: Galloway is a piece of offal, who used a sick-kids charity as a cover for enriching himself, and smooched with one of the world's nastiest dictators for the same purpose.

Galloway came up through the UK parliamentary system, though, where you have to be fierce and clever in debate, and need to be able to think fast on your feet. The US Senate is full of pompous bores, stuffed up to the nose holes with a conviction of their own terrific importance, whose idea of debate is to drone their way through a speech some minimum-wage staffer has written up for them. This was like watching an alley mongrel let loose in a room full of pampered, overfed lap dogs.

To judge from Galloway's name, appearance, and style, this was also a vivid illustration of the good old Scotch-Irish scrapper from the Borders taking on a smug establishment. I wouldn't want Galloway at my dinner table, but I must confess, this was fun to watch. "