Friday, May 06, 2005


Why has Michael Savage's new book been so utterly buried by the Press? And not only the usual ABCNBCCBSCNN culprits. By FOXNEWS and most 'CONSERVATIVE' voices as well! What are they afraid of? Why does Savage's radio show continue to grow and reach bigger and bigger audiences, while the media absolutely ignores this?

We expect blacklisting from the MSM. But, what does it say to you when the entire Fox News network refuses to cover the leading conservative voice in radio?. I am the only radio personality to have 3 best sellers in a row. Yet, Fox News blacklists me because O’Reilly is afraid to debate me, while Sean Vanity is incapable of any debate. They continue supporting a failed presidency, the first lady’s vulgar vaudeville routine before the liberal press and a failed war, which fewer and fewer Americans support. Instead of interviewing me, a true independent conservative, they insult their base (like Bush) by covering the runaway bride, fingers in food, American Idol, and Michael Jackson's porno.

I am used to swimming against the current, to spawn my ideas in the fertile waters of the independent American Mind. But, I have not encountered a total and absolute media blackout as I do now. As my message of Borders, Language, and Culture continues to penetrate America, the government/media complex has circled their wagons. During Stalin’s dictatorship in the ex-Soviet Union, people were either sent to prison camps, executed, or made invisible. In America, Michael Savage has now been made invisible.

Because I continue to support Borders, Language, and Culture, the power mad tyrants adhere to their own definition of borders, language, and culture. To them, their borders are limited by Washington D.C.; their language is government-ese; and their culture is “I scratch your back, you give me an interview”.

Despite this Stalinist campaign against my independent thinking, my radio show continues to grow and thrive, while my 3rd book in the trilogy "Liberalism is a Mental disorder", continues to sell briskly. It is now on the NY Times best seller list for the 3rd week in a row. Thank you for your support.