Tuesday, May 03, 2005


This comes from Liberty Council and is quite disturbing... Apparantly, a suit has been filed to stop a new, radical homosexualized curriculum from being taught in Maryland schools... Look at some of the sick, twisted "FACTS" this course presents:

Some of the instruction states: “Fact: Most experts in the field have concluded that sexual orientation is not a choice;” “Fact: Sex play with friends of the same gender is not uncommon during early adolescence and does not prove long-term sexual orientation;” “It is no more abnormal or sick to be homosexual than to be left-handed;” “Many religious denominations do not believe [that “loving people of the same sex is immoral (sinful)”];” “Heterosexual parents are consistently not found to be more loving or caring than gay parents;” “Jesus said absolutely nothing at all about homosexuality;” “Religion has often been misused to justify hatred and oppression;” “One’s sexual and emotional orientations are fixed at an early age…certainly by age five;” “Human sexuality is a continuum;” “Many homophobic responses are born out of a fear that one’s own sexual orientation may not be entirely heterosexual;” “[A]bstinence until marriage” is detrimental to “GLBT youth;” “It is perfectly natural to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender.”

Did you catch that last one? "Abstinence until marriage is detrimental to GLBT youth." Do you get it people! Do you understand why the people pushing this agenda are so detrimental to our society? They are destroying the traditional foundations that this country was built upon and substituing their distorted "values". They must be stopped...