Friday, May 27, 2005


UPDATE! 5/27/05, 11:03am: Chechen Terrorist Mastermind: "We caused blackout"
Chechen rebel field commander Shamil Basayev has claimed responsibility for the power cut that caused major disruption in Moscow on Wednesday.

A statement on a website with links to the rebels said Basayev's men had attacked an electricity substation, causing the outage.

The cut paralysed public transport and left thousands without power.


"Our sabotage groups have delivered a sensitive blow on one of the most important systems of ability to live of the Russian empire," he said. "The result of the special operation has surpassed our expectations."

As I suspected from the get-go, this was a standard terror op. Look for ongoing follow-up attacks...

Moscow was plunged into chaos on Wednesday after a big power outage that President Vladimir Putin blamed on the state-owned electricity monopoly headed by a liberal politician viewed with suspicion by the Kremlin.

The outage, caused by a fire in a substation, shut the stock exchange, crippled transport and threatened mobile phone links in the sweltering Russian capital.

This report just scratches the surface of what is happening. This was a terrorist attack. Check out this report from Debka:
Electricity breakdown that brought chaos to Moscow Wednesday traced to explosion – possibly sabotage – in city’s southern power station. Effort to restore system by diverting power from neighboring areas caused chain reaction.

Our Moscow sources add: Chemical plant at neighboring Novomoskovsk blew up sending large toxic cloud aloft. Emergency ministry teams and army helicopters try to cope with contamination. A large fire erupted at renowned Army Theater and central sewage farm flooded.

This sounds like a multi-pronged, ongoing terrorist offensive against Putin and Moscow. Don't be surprised to hear more news coming out of Russia on this...

MosNews: Putin Blames UES Power Monopoly for Moscow Outage Massive blackout paralyzes Moscow