Monday, May 16, 2005


Listeners to shortwave radio have been baffled for decades by mysterious numbers stations. There is no dialogue, just a repeating string of seemingly random numbers.

Sometimes, the numbers last for just a few minutes and sometimes they last for hours. The stations don't identify themselves, and there's never an explanation.

These stations have been around since the beginning of the Cold War and different people give different answers about their significance.

There is growing evidence, though, that points to espionage, one of the classic tools of the spy game.

Those who tune to shortwave radio in the late night hours, outside the boundaries of normal frequencies, often hear the broadcasts.

"They seem to be on the edge of our government bands," said Tim Armagost, a ham radio operator. "You wonder what it is and why are they doing this? It makes no sense. Nobody's talking, nobody's telling."

Intriguing to say the least! If you all own shortwave radio's at home, I urge you to check these stations out!

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