Tuesday, May 10, 2005


We know that the sound of war drums over Iran's Nuclear operations have been building and that Israel has received at least five thousand bunker busters from the US, just don't know if they are Nuclear tipped. What's the difference if their targets are Nuclear plants. At least eight hundred British Centenarian tanks have arrived in Israel within the last eight monthes, some without barrels. There are also reports of convoys, miles long, being assembled in the mountains of Israel. Why? Russia has signed an alliance pact with Iran, has equipped them with the deadly Sunburn missiles. We are also aware of Nuclear Subs in the Persian Gulf and they aren't ours.


If seventy four percent of US military makeup in Iraq is our National
Guard, where are the regulars?


Retired military remote viewers are saying, Israel is going into Iran
on 21st of May, current Seals, CIA, etc are saying the end of June. They all agree that it will be soon, then you may start the count down of 90 days when shortages start to appear, such as food, energy, etc.