Wednesday, May 04, 2005


From the Northeast Intelligence Network:
While intelligence analysts are intently focused on the text of Abu Musab al Zarqawi's most recent 18-minute message, few are looking at the discernible change in tenor of this latest message itself. A deeper analysis – beyond pure text translation – suggests that Zarqawi's latest message to his followers has the familiar tone of a "detached pep talk" mirroring that of Osama bin Laden following his departure from Afghanistan after the bombing of Tora Bora, suggesting that Zarqawi is no longer commanding his followers from the Iraqi theater of operation, according to one beltway based CIA official familiar with Zarqawi's profile.


In an "off-the-record" interview between the Northeast Intelligence Network and a CIA official Tuesday, the official stated "we don’t believe he (Zarqawi) is presently in Iraq." He added, "we have no idea where he is, but we feel strongly that he left Iraq immediately following his near-capture," referring to the close call near Ramadi, Iraq last February.


Considering he had been charged by bin Laden with focusing on operations against and inside the U.S., Zarqawi could be closer to the west than people think." When asked where he thought Zarqawi could be, the official stated bluntly "we simply don’t know." "He could be in Iran, or he could even be in Mexico or Canada. Regardless, we do have solid intelligence to indicate he left Iraq."

This would not be good... Better to have the devil contained and understand where he lives, than have him running loose in the streets. Maybe he is on his way to Afghanistan to pick up his nuke and bring it to America?