Wednesday, June 22, 2005


The rumor mill on Natalee Holloway is spinning out of control. Was she killed by those in custody? Did she accidently fall off a boat somewhere?

But, new information is surfacing (not in the MSM yet) that Natalee is, in fact, alive. Unfortunately, she is alive and not-so-well, as it appears that she has possibly been sold into sex slavery.

Background on this shocking information can be found at RMN:
Natalee was sold - The kids probably got her to drink some stuff -- maybe even the date rape stuff. She was probably raped by all three -- the kids realized when she woke up they would be in trouble so they contacted their friend... the DJ. The DJ is the connection to the mafia -- the kids went to him to get rid of her -- He probably made money selling her. I will bet the boat the DJ works on is a Cuntrera nightclub.

Natalee's not on Aruba - She was probably taken to Venezuela - probably sold into sexual slavery there. Or sold to the saudis. She is exactly the kind the Saudis like... blonde, tall, slim and beautiful. If they ever find her she won't be herself.


The only way Natalee will ever be returned is if someone is sacrificed, and I don't mean in the Santarian way like that decapitated body they found in the graveyard. Someone has to take the fall and it will probably be the DJ. He's nobody. The other kids are connected to families that have a modicum of power already and therefore can be used in the future.

If the DJ agrees to take the fall, his family will be taken care of and eventually he will be "disappeared" and one day "reappeared" with a new face and new identity. At least this is what he will be promised.


If she was taken to Costa Rica she could be found because the CIA has assets there and in most other South American countries. The only country where the CIA assets have fled or been killed is Venezuela. If Natalee was sold into one of the Venezuelan sex houses, then no one can find her... except the same people who sold her... the Aruban mafia.

If the heat gets hot enough on Aruba. If the Mafia connection starts popping up in the MSM, that will be bad for business. The US is powerful enough to broker a deal to get Natalee back. What does the Aruban mafia want that President Bush can give them? Since no one will ever know that any kind of deal has ever taken place, it doesn't matter what they want. The hero will be some Aruban detective that traces Natalee to the nightclub ship and to "sex slave traders". No one will ever know the Mafia participation in her sale AND in her recovery!

If she was taken to Saudi Arabia, it will be tricky to get her back, but it could be done. All that would be needed is something to trade something that the Saudis want. If I had my way, I'd give the Saudis whatever they wanted in trade for Natalee, and follow it up with a Nuke! The Saudis are NOT our friends. All Muslim terrorism throughout the world originates from Saudi Arabia. They are the puppets of the City of London. They were created by the City of London!

Also, Hyscience is tracking this case closely and is beginning to pick up on some of these 'rumors'. Check out the latest here:
A spokesman from "Diario" on Aruba said on FoxTV "The Big Story Weekend" that Natalee Holloway may be alive and being transported between Columbia and Venezuela. Could it be true?


Bizarre as it sounds, the rumor mill seems to be heating up about this possibility. Rumor is, that the police in Aruba know about it. We are trying to check this out ....

UPDATE: It now appears that the father of the dutch kid already arrested by Aruban authorities, has now been arrested himself! More from Kevin at linked at the OTB traffic jam

UPDATE II: Are we witnessing a cover-up? With the release of the DJ and the dutch kids Dad, are we witnessing the beginning stages of a whitewash of this horrific situation? Will any of the remaining in custody be charged? If so, what will they be charged with? As usual, Scared Monkeys and HyScience have the very latest...

UPDATE III (11/3/05): Strange, but none other than Dr. Phil is now confirming that authorities have moved from the assumption that Natalee is dead, to the assumption that Natalee has BEEN SOLD INTO SEX SLAVERY! It's been almost six months since I first posted that this was the most likely scenario for this poor young girl...
Dr. Phil was hesitant to reveal what he termed, "too much information" Wednesday night. However, the doctor's light-hearted appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno turned serious when discussing the issue of the missing Alabama teenager.

"Without giving up too much information... we believe Natalee Holloway is alive.'

Dr. Phil pointing to what he termed the "sex slave market" as the main point of focus in the ongoing investigation.

UPDATE IV (11/7/05): Great follow-up on this story from PATRIOTLAD at RMN... Check out this excellent article on the Natalee-Sex Slave Trader connection here.... Article also contains many links to resources related to Aruba's corrupt underground and connection to drug / slave traders....