Thursday, June 16, 2005


From commentary by Henry Lamb:
Congressional reaction to all of the recent U.N. failures is coming together in HR2745 – the Henry J. Hyde United Nations Reform Act of 2005. The bill, named to honor the retiring chairman of the House International Relations Committee, lists 39 specific reform measures, at least 32 of which must be implemented, or U.N. funding will be reduced by 50 percent.

Finally, Congress is doing something about the United Nations. In this case, however, "something" may be the wrong thing to do.


The United Nations should not be a governing institution. It should be a forum where sovereign nations gather to discuss their differences and develop voluntary, cooperative initiatives. Problems arise when the United Nations is given enforcement power. Because the institution is not empowered by the consent of the governed, it is not accountable to the governed, and therefore, is free to inevitably devolve into corruption and abuse.

The reform measures proposed by the Hyde bill do nothing to limit the function of the United Nations Instead, they work to expand the governing power of the United Nations by attempting to squeeze out some of the inefficiency. The proposed reforms actually strengthen the United Nations' power to govern.

For all those true-American's: This is another red-herring meant to confuse us. It is meant to make us think that we are really trying to reform this institution. However, its a trojan horse. It will strengthen the UN and give it more and more power over the nations of the world ... including the U.S. Forget reforming the UN - The UN has outlived its usefulness. Its time for the US to create a WW trade/economic/military alliance with loyal countries and cast the UN into the dustbin of history...