Monday, June 13, 2005


The bombings in Tehran and neighboring Iranian cities over the weekend are the biggest sign yet that the U.S. plan to initiate a revolution from WITHIN that Islamic theocracy.

DEBKAfile’s Exclusive Iranian Sources Reveal: Khuzestan Arab insurgents hit oil target for the first time last Wednesday.

The guerrillas struck again Sunday against two Iranian cities: four blasts against Ahwaz government centers – one at least suicide bombing, killing 8 people. Later Sunday, five explosions killed at least 1 person in Iranian capital. More details on Khuzestan Arab intifada in News Box below Headlines

Monday, Tehran reports then denies another explosion rocked industrial town of Karaj just west of Tehran

On April 22, DEBKA-Net-Weekly 203 lead article explored Khuzestan Arab Spring offensive and its Kurdish Iraqi backing. On May 6, DNW 204 revealed Khuzestan Front’s No. 2 leader Said Taher Naama paid secret visit to White House April 23

This U.S. backed groups work in Iran is not a secret and is fully in line with our current, stated policy toward this country. So, it should come as no surprise that these "guerrilas" are actively engaged in activities meant to damage the ruling regime of Mullahs. My question is: Is this really an isolated incident in preparations for these "elections" coming up, or is this the beginning of a larger, more prominent campaign to hasten the fall of the Iranian government?