Thursday, June 09, 2005


From Bill Gertz at the Washington Times:
A highly classified intelligence report produced for the new director of national intelligence concludes that U.S. spy agencies failed to recognize several key military developments in China in the past decade, The Washington Times has learned.

The report was created by several current and former intelligence officials and concludes that U.S. agencies missed more than a dozen Chinese military developments, according to officials familiar with the report.


Among the failures highlighted in the study are:
•China's development of a new long-range cruise missile.
•The deployment of a new warship equipped with a stolen Chinese version of the U.S. Aegis battle management technology.
•Deployment of a new attack submarine known as the Yuan class that was missed by U.S. intelligence until photos of the submarine appeared on the Internet.
•Development of precision-guided munitions, including new air-to-ground missiles and new, more accurate warheads.
•China's development of surface-to-surface missiles for targeting U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups.
•The importation of advanced weaponry, including Russian submarines, warships and fighter-bombers.

Stunning. Our CIA is either utterly incompetent or actively working against the interests of the U.S. I don't know what the hell is happening there, but, I thought things would begin to get better under Porter Goss. They haven't. Granted the guy has only been on the job a short period of time, but the track record of this organization over the past 5 years has been absolutely pityful.