Tuesday, June 28, 2005


The Europeans... waivering? No, never! Heresy! Well... not exactly. Our old European friends are at it again. They really can't seem to decided whether their with us or against us. Now it appears they're getting "nervous" about their own War on Terror ... and starting to act like the weak minded fools I wished they weren't. Wake up EUROPE! Your shores are being invaded by hordes of Islamic radicals, and all you can do is worry about arresting our CIA agents for trying to stop these people from killing you!
"The Americans treat this as a war, but the Europeans still see this as a criminal-justice matter," says Ian Cuthbertson, counterterrorism expert at the World Policy Institute in New York.

"Americans think they are fighting evil and that you can't play by the rules when you fight an enemy that does not," says Dr. Jörg Friedrichs, an expert in international police cooperation at the University of Bremen in Germany. "But in general, Europe, with its history of dealing with domestic terrorism, is convinced that the problem must be tackled using the law, not flouting it."

"We have learned that as a democratic country you must abide by the law," says Alessandro Politi, an analyst at the Cespi institute in Rome. "You cannot think that all means are justified by the end. If you circumvent the law, that is the best possible propaganda you can give to the enemy."

Sorry Euro's... You are 100% dead-wrong on that. The only way to fight these throat cutters is to show absolutely no mercy. They don't understand international law, criminal justice, or any other nuanced phrase you want to throw at them. They understand power. They understand strength. And if you don't project that POWER, they will take over your country and have you kneeling on a prayer rug before you even know what hit you...