Monday, June 06, 2005


From the Christian Science Monitor:
For the last few years, mentioning cold fusion around scientists (myself included) has been a little like mentioning Bigfoot or UFO sightings.

After the 1989 announcement of fusion in a bottle, so to speak, and the subsequent retraction, the whole idea of cold fusion seemed a bit beyond the pale. But that's all about to change.

A very reputable, very careful group of scientists at the University of Los Angeles (Brian Naranjo, Jim Gimzewski, Seth Putterman) has initiated a fusion reaction using a laboratory device that's not much bigger than a breadbox, and works at roughly room temperature. This time, it looks like the real thing.

Very, very interesting. This device actually appears to work, and, although the scientists doing the experiements haven't gotten more energy out than they have put in YET, the results are promising...

See my previous coverage on another group of scientists working on their own FUSION devices...