Monday, June 13, 2005


From today's Washington Times (by Rowen Scarborough):
Some within the U.S. intelligence community think Osama bin Laden is in eastern Iran, instead of the rugged tribal areas of Pakistan's northwestern frontier, where most American officials think he is still on the run.


Rep. Curt Weldon, Pennsylvania Republican and House Armed Services Committee member, writes in his new book, "Countdown to Terror," that a reliable Iranian source he identifies only as "Ali" told him that bin Laden has been in Iran for some time.

Although this "news" is being reported today... it is certainly not new.

This information was "floated" WAY back in November 2003! Mansoor Ijaz (contributor to FoxNews and citizen diplomat) reported on the Brit Hume show way back in Nov. 2003, that Bin Laden was in Iran, being protected by Special Republican Guard units. If this info was correct, we can assume that Bin Laden has actually been in Iran for quite some time. We have to wonder why this info is again being brought back into the mainstream press? Why now? I can't figure it all out yet ...

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