Friday, June 17, 2005


Although not yet even released by Al Jazeera, the latest Zawahiri video (his first since Feb 20, 2005) will trigger an attack. Based on historical analysis of previous videos and attack timelines, it is clear that a signal for attack is being given in his latest video.

Why do I believe this? First, have a look at the evidence the NorthWest Intelligence Network has compiled on previous tapes by this terrorist scumbag. The NEIN described in detail back in December how Zawahiri is actually sending attack messages via staged props in his videos.
Careful examination and analysis of the above images of al Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al Zawahiri superimposed over historical attack timeline suggests that there is demonstrable evidence of messages being telegraphed via the video footage itself, supplemental to the text of his messages. Extensive research among analysts indicates that subtle but notable differences in the images correspond with al Qaeda fashioned attacks that have taken place following the release of such video images and messages. One recent example includes the release of a video image of Zawahiri in May 2003, followed by the bombing in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia compound days later that killed 34 people, including 8 Americans. Just as there appear to be subtle but nonetheless notable differences in the above images released on two separate occasions, so too have the events that followed. The image above-left depicts al Zawahiri in the most recent video release, while the image at right was released in October.

See the images here.

As you can see from these images: Preparations for attack are announced when Zawahiri releases messages with his rifle right at his side. However, when a message is released with the rifle a few feet away from his body, this, in the past, seems to have signaled operatives to initiate attacks.

The message from Zawahiri that is released today, shows him with his rifle a few feet away from his body. See image here.

Of course, this also follows his message from February (image here) when the rifle was directly next to him. My analysis indicates that the planning stage for attack was signaled in February, and now the signal is being given to implement and carry out this attack. Where this attack will take place is anyone's guess, although the video in February did discuss extensively attacks against the US economy. Could we see an attack against an oil facility, pipeline, or trade route?

UPDATE: Is this news related to this upcoming tape release? Saudi Expert: Al-Qaida Plans 'Catastrophic' Attack
Check out some quotes from this frightening article:
Al-Qaida is far from being neutralized and is planning its next "catastrophic" attack, according to a top expert on the terrorist organization.

"Al-Qaida is an extremely resilient organization and it will most likely surprise everybody by how, when and where it executes its next catastrophic attack."

Asked when a weapons of mass destruction attack is likely to take place, Dr. al-Faqih said: "It could happen at any time."

UPDATE II: Related? Al-Qaeda... is US Embassy in Nigeria a Target?
With the closure last Thursday of the Consulate of the United States Embassy in Lagos, followed the next day by the missions of Germany, Italy, Finland, Russia, Sweden, India and Lebanon, there are now palpable fears that the Al-Quaeda network of Osama Bin Laden, might have infiltrated Nigeria in its bid to wreck havoc on US interests. THISDAY gathered at the weekend that the tip-off relied upon by the US embassy was supplied by an anonymous Nigerian but the questions remain: how real and genuine was this terror scare? Or was there more to it than mere security alert?

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