Wednesday, June 29, 2005


UPDATE! (6/29/05, 1:11am): This story keeps getting weirder. It has just been revealed that, on the same day that the sighting mentioned below took place, another, similar sighting took place in the city of San Luis Potosi:
The investigation on the June 24, 2005 UFO incident over Xalapa now unveils a new story . A similar UFO sighting took place the same day in San Luis Potosi where several reports from residents told of a strange unusual activity witnessed for several days of unknown groups of flying spheres over the city.


This continued UFO activity in San Luis is keeping the residents in uncertainty and wondering what's this all about. Despite the numerous reports by the people the local media still mantains a skepticism and has
not expressed any opinion yet.

These sightings from Xalapa and San Luis confirm a new level of UFO activity taking place in Mexico.

Screenshot from above captured from a video of the incident... download video here!

A fleet of UFOs appears to have flown over the city of Xalapa, Mexico. Numerous government officals were caught, on camera, watching these amazing objects. UFOs or weather balloons...? You make the call!

A massive UFO sighting took place on Friday June 24, 2005 in Xalapa, Mexico. This stunning event was witnessed by Xalapa's governor, Fidel Herrera Beltran, members of his staff, many officers of the Xalapa police department, newspapers and television reporters and many people gathered at Casa Veracruz for an official ceremony for the delivery of new police patrol cars to the police department.

The amazing incident took place at 10:30 AM causing commotion, excitement - and some alarm - among the people and officials. Just after governor Fidel Herrera Beltran finished a speech inaugurating the new units, his attention was called by his officials signaling to the sky where a strange spectacle was appearing.

A spectacular UFO fleet of at least 14 unkown flying objects shocked the entire gathering at casa Veracruz who, pointing to the sky, screamed "OVNIs OVNIS!!" in a tremendous state of excitement. The police officers were also signaling to the sky wondering what these unknown flying obJects could be.